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Homemade ice-cream


Finns are crazy for ice-cream. Their consumption of this frozen delight has been number one in Europe for some time, and fourth in the world, with only New Zealand, Australia and the US beating us. According to statistics, an average Finn devours as much as 14 litres of ice-cream a year – an awful lot! I don’t really know the reasons for this. It can’t be hot weather for sure – otherwise we’d hardly ever get a chance!

With our particular craving for ice-cream, it’s no wonder that the supermarkets have long, long aisles of different options on offer, one more delicious and decadent than the other. And come the first signs of summer, the little ice-cream kiosks appear at every street corner, so we can rush for instant gratification everywhere.

My first outdoor ice-cream in June this summer

With this scenario, why on earth would you make the effort to prepare your own ice-cream at home? I had never given it a second thought before as I believed it’s far too time-consuming and complicated, requiring expensive, special equipment. Yet, this summer I came across the simplest recipe – with, can you believe it, only 2 ingredients for the base! And no ice-cream machines needed! Make the base, and add whatever you like – fantastic! You can use all your imagination in designing the flavour combination exactly to your liking. What’s more, as an extra bonus you will avoid a lot of the E-numbers and other additives of regular ice-creams.


  • 1 can of condensed milk
  • 0,33 l carton of whipping cream


  • with an electric mixer, beat the milk and cream for some minutes until it begins to thicken
  • then shift in whatever flavourings you like
  • pour the mixture into a freezer-proof container
  • cover with cling film and freeze for around 4-5 hours

For my first attempt, I made a batch for hubby with some of his favourite tastes – chopped cherries and dark chocolate, with a spoonful of bourbon whisky.

The result was truly yummy – hubby approved, too! I’m sure I’ll make some more in the future, as a novelty dessert for dinner guests. It does sound like you are a true kitchen goddess if you announce that dessert will be home-made ice-cream, doesn’t it?


Author: sinikka

From Finland to the world, I teach English and French and try to be a model of a lifelong learner to my students, I love nature and photography, and enjoy travelling

2 thoughts on “Homemade ice-cream

  1. Oh wow, that sounds delicious! And way easier than I expected.

    I can’t wait for Finnish ice cream again – especially licorice flavour!


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