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My pelargonias



How I love summer, the lazy, warm, sunny days! And, of course, the blue skies, white clouds and all the greenery and flowers everywhere. A riot of colours!

This year, “the cherry on top” has been my pink pelargonias (or geraniums?) in the balcony boxes. They’ve kept blooming, faithfully through heat and rain. And demand so little care really. I’m not much of a gardener, the balcony boxes and some pot plants are about the only plants I invest in for the summer. First time I tried this type flower, and will definitely do the same next year. Well worth it, don’t you think?

pelargoni0 pelargoni4


Author: sinikka

From Finland to the world, I teach English and French and try to be a model of a lifelong learner to my students, I love nature and photography, and enjoy travelling

6 thoughts on “My pelargonias

  1. I do not spend time in the garden either. I plant things that need little care. Those flowers are fabulous, so pretty 🙂


  2. Those geraniums are beautiful, and I do think they are one of the best plants for window boxes and tubs as they are so colourful and flower continuously with little effort needed. We have quite a large garden and I’m dreading seeing it after being away so long, but at least the lawns should have been cut. I’m not a fan of gardening, preferring to sit and read rather than do weeding, but like most people I like it to be reasonably neat and tidy!

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  3. Thank you for your comment, Marion! I absolutely adore English gardens! They are often somehow so much more natural than the more sparse Finnish ones. Maybe your climate is better for them, too! I agree, weeding – ugh! But still I try to do a little bit as we enjoy reading and eating in the garden in summer.


  4. Your geraniums are gorgeous, my absolute faves are pink ones. My mom always had red ones when I was a child, I think they did go well with the brown color of our house but I am not a fan of that color.

    This year I had to leave the flowers in the shop as we were sailing. Usually our balcony is full of flowers you see! However, I had a few geraniums next to our front door and those survived even though no-one remembered to water them while I was away ❤


    • Thank you for stopping by, Suvi. I think I might have gone for the bright red ones myself but as our daughter is at home for the summer, she chose the pink. We’ve all enjoyed them anyway. Wherever we spend the summer abroad, we always put fake flowers in the boxes. Too much trouble to ask somebody to come and water real ones when you’re away, isn’t it?

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